Sunday, 5 February 2012

Technology...connection or disconnection?

I find it amazing how technology enables us to connect to many, as much as it can disconnect us from those who may be immediately surrounding us. Sure, the easy to use computer programs and the internet allow us to reconnect with loved ones live. Thank you to programs such as Skype!  At the same time, these same useful tools prevent us from directly connecting with those who are just right there beside us. Come on, admit it, has it not happened to find yourself typing your thoughts or exchanging words using your computer, phone or tablet and coming close to ignoring those who are right there beside you?  Think again, it may have happened at home, or in an office. If you are telling me that you just don't know what it is I am talking about, eh bien chapeau!

Technology is just wonderful. Thanks to it, I sleep reassured that my daughters can share their tooth fairy stories with their grandparents living overseas. They can talk to each other live, they can exchange emails and load pictures for each other... But, wait a minute, you know about all these tools, why remind you all about it?  Not only these tools allow my parents and my children to stay connected, it is also a great physical and mental exercise for the two generations. Particularly for those who are not so tech savvy oriented, finding the right key to press can be great challenge. For the kids, such time spent behind the keyboard is quite useful writing exercises. If the two generations happen to be talking to each other, what a better way to practice giving presentations and speaking clearly. Of course, not every child has Emily Young's ability to express herself, but they sure can give it a try for themselves.

Similarly, when a sister is using technology to connect with grandpa', she has to disengage from the rest of the family. That is normal. It is unlikely to spend 24/7 with each other at home in most situations, of course, unless we are talking disability, sickness, etc. Disconnection occurs when the is not time limit set. When siblings forget to connect with each other in real time. When mom and dad are too busy with their own emailing. When each member of the family focuses over too long period of times behind the screen. When focus is on reality as seen on the monitor rather than lived in real world.

So yes, yeah to technology! Connection or disconnection? Part of the answer is really in our palms.

Go, go, Family go!

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