Sunday, 12 February 2012

Motivation: from emotion to action 2

I believe that few realities are written on stone and motivation is not one of them. Of course, just like a car can get low in gas we can occasionally run out of fuel and seem to have no other choice than to disconnect with our motivation. In the extreme case, our vision may become blurry preventing us to see the horizon and leaving us only to loose our motivation from sight. In rare cases, we may get disconnected for ever but most often the possibilities to get disconnected temporarily may occur. Particularly since our priorities in our daily life may change, we may need to readjust ourselves to meet these changes. In such moments, it appears that we may become more vulnerable and in our defense rely on such reasons, to not say excuses, as "I am too tired", "I am too busy", "I do not feel right" or even, "it depresses me"; or just like it happened to me last night, I "did not get the time to get to it". We can not control everything, but staying focused is generally a useful strategy to cope with events during rough times. As matter of fact, motivation can actually do that. Give us the boost to remain focused. Feel in control. Be in control.

Please stay tuned as a life experience will illustrate that in my next blog. 


  1. This second-person approach to your motivation essay reminds me of the "Losing Family" speech by Jamal in Finding Forrester. You might enjoy it...

    1. Alright, I will check it out, thanks for the tip.