Saturday, 18 February 2012

On motivation and resolutions

For me, there is a difference between motivation and resolution. I believe that there may be a tendacy to mix the two particularly because they can both equip us with the determination to go on.  Resolution seems to refer to only a part of motivation. I understand motivation to be a broader concept that may englobe resolution.

It became important for me to differentiate between the two concepts as I am watching my two daughters grow into teenagehood. Their journey has developed to an educational process for me. On the one hand I try to make them understand the importance of having meaningful and healthy resolutions, and on the other I try to guide them throughout their journey towards meeting their resolutions. During these moments, as I am watching them completing their tasks and interracting with each other or others in general, I question myself about what their motivation to get to their resolution can possibly be.

Resolution is pretty similar to goal setting as I understand it to be. Having a resolution resembles the final goal that one may want to reach. It does not clarify how one may proceed to achieve such goal, but it clarifies the goal that one looks forward to accomplish.

Motivation, for me, refers more to the energy that is needed to meet our resolution. As matter of fact, we commonly tend to talk about 'staying motivated to achieve our new year's resolutions' for example.

As much as resolution shapes our life, motivation leads us. Resolution like motivation defines us. Acknowledging them and being able to describe them will help to better understand ourselves I believe. I cannot stop thinking that to know a person, knowing what their motivation is a key element.

That is where I will continue to explore in my next blog.

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